Sunday, March 4, 2012

different languages: having three kids

Here's an analogy.

When we had Wallace, we were all speaking the same language, so to speak. Todd and I understood each other, and we learned Wallace. We had time to learn it. We only spoke the same language every day.

Then when Evelyn came, we had to learn another language, her language. We became a bilingual love language family. Everyday were speaking two languages, sometimes part of each within one breath. One for Wally, one for Evelyn. These were both like romance languages, though, in relation to the analogy. They had a lot of the same roots.

Now there's three. Fern has her own language. We are trilingual all day, every day. Even when we should be sleeping. But its not three romance languages. Three has been different. Its like we're speaking Czech now, too.

Its invigorating, running at full speed. Tiring too, definitely. There is a lot of physical busy-ness right now, but moreso its such a mental shift.


Carolee Beckham said...

I think the way that you've worded this is beautiful. it makes me excited for my future second and third babies :)

marta said...

alisha, this is such a poetic way to 'understand' the life of three children. what gorgeous names your kiddos have and what a gorgeous mama they have!