Thursday, May 10, 2012

outdoorsy mom: fail

from art wife. a nice blog i found today.

So I think I'm failing at helping my children love the outdoors... and by outdoors I don't mean the park. I mean the great outdoors. You know, where you can't see cars, and there isn't a discernible bathroom? Those outdoors.

Back to the failing:

We went to Antelope Island for my birthday (its Earth Day). We always go outdoors, hiking or something. WELLLLL, it was when the biting gnats were hatching and such. It was horrendous. Everyone cried. We were out of the car for less than five minutes before we got back in, went to the indoor visitor's center, then drove around the island. 

Yesterday I took the kids up to Quarry House via Red Butte Gardens. Some yellow jackets were building a nest (hive?) and there was no way around. Wally was already in the midst, so wearing Fern in the Ergo and grabbing Evelyn we powered through. I've watched too many episodes of Billy the Exterminator (I had a rough pregnancy, don't judge, haha) to not be a bit freaked that one of us might have gotten stung and then we'd all die of course... because they are obviously tracker jackers... from the hunger games.. 

oh but I digress. The rest of our hike was lovely. We went up. It was awesome. I took a picture or two.

But tonight at bedtime, all they wanted to hear was stories about biting gnats and yellow jackets.

they're going to hate the outdoors.

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