Thursday, January 5, 2012

all the stages

me through my own camera (thank you carolee)

and then as i worked at the market (thank you leslie)

then as i spent one of my last nights with some of the ladies (thanks holly)

and contemplated if this would be a christmas baby (thanks kiera)

all of that was along the way that led me to this:



Ben and Becky said...

Beautiful pictures Alisha! Can't wait to hear the 2 hour birth story!

@lliE said...

Welcome to the world, baby!

red felt book said...

Beautiful!! Sorry we never ended up doing lunch. And now you have a new baby. Maybe we can get together on a Saturday soon when you are feeling up to it. Let me know.

Becky said...

beautiful! Remember how we were going to get together sometime? Sorry about that. And now you are busy with a new baby. Maybe we could get together for lunch on a Saturday when you are up to it. Let me know.