I believe in the feminine divine (and the masculine divine, they're parts of a whole in my mind).

Demeter is one created archetype of the feminine divine as the pagan goddess of the home and hearth. She guarded the earth's fertility, as well as marriage, and religious law. She watched over the cycle of life and death.

As a Christian woman, I think our Heavenly Mother, the true feminine divine, would like to know how we're doing as women. I think she cares about the things I'm learning as a woman in my various roles. Also, I think there's beauty in being connected to each other as women. Helping one another and seeing each other truly is something that is a blessing in this life.

Saying what you believe to those in your sphere of influence is a gift. Sometimes our sphere is narrow. Mine is. I want to lift where I stand. I want to bloom where I'm planted. If you knew me, these are the things we'd talk about.

And so, dear Demeter, dear feminine divine, this is how I'm doing.