Thursday, February 23, 2012

life imitating art

I've found the way to ensure I'm ready when my kids want to create is to have the supplies not only accessible, but visible. When they tore the cardboard container for these markers apart (they're not hellions, I swear), I threw the markers into a bowl I have as decoration until I found a suitable container (or so I planned). Its carved wood, sent to my by my best friend while she lived in Japan. Its the only piece I dare display that she sent. The other ones are waiting patiently for children to age (and our residence to be more organized and decorated, to be honest). The markers have stayed in this bowl. They look great there, right on my kitchen table always. 

Wally's drawings have become quickly less scribbly and more recognizable. Today he drew a carrot snake. The carrot had the correct colors. His drawings of germs leave me smiling.

This was big-ish for me, as a mom. Letting the evidence that I have children be present in communal living spaces. Our living room is toy free (when its clean. ha) The children's books are neatly on a shelf in our main bookcase. Our fridge is regularly cleared of clutter. Though we used to have alphabet magnets, it was too much for me. I wanted to maintain clear spaces that were still tidy, had some semblance of style, and were ready for nice talks and discussions. In my head, clear tupperware containers that housed bright-colored blocks would be a subconscious mental block to true discussion. I'm fully aware that a lot of this has to do with our space being small. But I think it has more to do with my worries of losing myself as I shaped my children.

The markers in the bowl looks like the smallest evidence. It was huge for me, though. The change its made in them has me glad. I think there are more ways I can have tools to creativity accessible to them  in spaces other than their room.... and I know I can do this without stress to the "niceness" of home.

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Anna Peterson said...

I love this. I love the color they add too :)